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Gluten-free, Kangaterian, Super Berry, Inedia, Fat-free, Macrobiotic, Less-sugar, Raw………

Jungle of the choices. How to survive alive?

The piece describes the subject that everyone deals with consciously or subconsciously every day. Those decisions that a single person does to live the lifestyle of their choice. How nowadays an individual can feel lost in these constant overmuch of offers and ideas what is right for a healthy and happy life. This piece underlines the idea of the food and diet captivating too much place in our present society. Food and various diet culture has taken the role of a religion in people’s behaviour, it rules and forms the ongoing actions and reforms the social interaction. Food culture and eating habits changes how to perceive the world. This piece researches the accurate question of the ideal human; Does the diet sculpture the part of the acceptable person in the eyes of society? Can society determine frames of dutiful and desirable human? The piece researches also the water-thin-line between diets and eating disorders. It tries to find answers why eating disorders are less acceptable sicknesses in the society than other disease of affluence, even though all of them are product of this modern lifestyle. This piece doubts who has a right to play with food, when at the same time millions of people are dying for the hunger. Through the biographical and collected individual stories the piece gives a view for these topics in personal as well in bigger scale.  


Kohde Collective is in a mission to offer more accessible art. It targets themes that are present movements in the society, through-out high-quality art. In the practice of the Kohde Collective, the movement is juxtapostioning the other art mediums. Subjects which are, at the same time reachable for the wider audience, but hence evolving from the Kohde Collective individual perspective are addressed. Kohde collective operates in community art and  social engaged art fields.

Co-operation with Kultursciok Residency Domicella Italy and Bakelit Theater Hungary.

PERFORMANCES: March 2019 Bakelit Theater Budapest, September 2019 Ars Libera Gallery Kuopio and Asbestos Arts Space Helsinki, Finland

MOVEMENT WORKSHOPS are part of this projects that are hold for eating disorder patients and teenagers in the location of the performances. 

CONCEPT AND CHOROEGRAPHY: Virva Torkko and Outi Elena Valanto

SOUND: Juan Munoz Bulla

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