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Inspired by the photography of Donald Rodney this multimedia exhibition thematizes actual questions of Belonging and the definition and structures of home.
Dance encounters sculpture, sculpture encounters sound and sound encounters painting.
The audio installation generates an imaginary field, which creates a soundscape, where the movements of the single sound elements and the movements of the observer, dancer or visitor are building an unhierarchic nonideological system or home.

Choreographer and Contemporary Dancer Outi Elena Valanto, Sound Artist Sascha Kregel and Painter and Sculptor Christopher Gerberding explore the physical and subjective state of belonging in space, in a landscape or in a society, familiar structure. It observes how the emotions, memories, and senses affect the perception of home.

„When light enters a space, space begins to exist, from an unknown to a known state of being. What if feelings and body are the real origins of the human being? Is the time the matter that revolutionizes the incognito space to be something familiar, a habitat?“
Outi Elena Valanto

This piece offers perspective where movement and sensitivity can embody the origin land. Perhaps belonging is longing something non-material to a non-territory. A state that is a product of imagination. With dance, soundscape, painting, and installation this piece examines the eternal inquiries of humanity and provides a platform for the audience to individual reflection.

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