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method. movement. urban

Research project for Fontys University MA Performing Public Space

This cross-disciplinary research was observing possibilities that designed urban space offers for movement. The first part during 2018-2019 focused on building adaptable Methodology. Methodology combined urbanism and movement study techniques. The main core was field workshops in various urban environments and with various abilited groups, Workshops consisted of observing, improvising, mapping, interventions, and feedback. 

Participant groups

-SWEDEN: Kalmar, Jenny Nyström Dance High School 2 groups,Bergkvara, community members, seniors

-FINLAND: Rovaniemi, Professional dance education program Lapland Education

-PORTUGAL: Lisbon, local school from social neighborhood Bairro Padre Cruz

-BELGIUM: Antwerp, local teenagers from Arlekino

-GERMANY: Munich: Ab-Art inclusive dance company

Lahr: Szene-2wei inclusive dance company

-HOLLAND: Tilburg, Students Fontys University