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Updated: Jan 2

Growth, Death and Decay

Video: Satu Miettinen


Hämärä Gallery, University of Lapland, Exhibition Opening 08.11.2021

The BioARTech artist-researcher group will present the rhythm and movement that can be found in bioart in an arts exhibition at the Faculty of Art and Design in Autumn 2021. The exhibition and data collection will be transformed into new knowledge about the (inter)growth of organic and natural materials. Organic materials will enable the works to come about, be observed and experienced by the co-creators who would be the artists and audiences. The co-creators would be able to influence the completion of the works to some extent, but the final aesthetics and appearances would be up to the organic materials to determine.


Satu Miettinen, Terhi Marttila, Heidi Pietarinen, Melanie Sarantou, Tomi Knuuttila, Outi Valanto

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