My artistic work is based on four values that leads my practice.




Do not expect anyone is outsider. Everyone is outsider in some way. Inclusive moving and practices are the essence of my work. Emphasizing the notion of accessibility and acceptance of differences in modern time, constitutes my practice ethics. It is important to underline the similarities that connect people, as well as the uniqueness of individuals. This value is lead by a personal basis as a dancer with congenital heart disease and pacemaker.




The empathy towards people and subjects I am presenting and collaborating with. The way of handling and communicating during and about my work is important value in my practice.Trying to hear the unspoken and see behind the oblivious. Sensitivity in also practice means being honest to myself, to the work and the others. It is the way of being able to be vulnerable and empathize issues that might not pertain to me personally. Sensitivity  also signifying the ability to restore humanity in modern times,the possibility to touch subjects that are evergreen.




The sameness of differences which leads to common sense of we, leads my practice. Commonality is tackled also in the cross- and interdisciplinarity of my work, not only between art mediums but also in relation with art and science. I am keen on searching for answers in a collaborative work. The common aim through out various perspectives offers much profound observation than I alone with my world vision could present. Even with my solo works, I aim to portray subjects that are commonly valuable. I want to present subjects that are Zeitgeist but at the same time eternal questions which encompasses the humanity.




In Finnish, we have a proverb: The rolling stone will never moss. This idea is leading my approach for life and art. It is the ability to be constantly amazed of the wonders in the world and inquisitive to learn new. This value means for me life in general. Curiosity is like movement: never stopping, always in action, transforming and adapting itself to the unknown.